About Us

Our highest priority is to inspire and motivate individuals to identify and pursue their ‘personal best’ and to take responsibility for their contributions and achievements at the individual, group and organisational level.

Working with a range of clients within the public and private sectors, we understand the necessity to tailor our approach to the specific culture and requirements of your organisation.

  • As certified corporate trainers, we offer a range of contemporary courses targeted at developing the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes critical to success.
  • As coaches, we empower people to produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organisations.
  • As HR Professionals, we provide advice, interventions and innovative solutions which assist organisations in leveraging the full potential of their people and business.

Dianne Barrett

A dynamic and energetic facilitator, Dianne has an open and honest style. Her ability to ‘connect’ with others and build rapport allows her to motivate participants and successfully facilitate the change process transforming ‘potential’ into ‘reality’ in the ongoing pursuit of excellence. Her key focus is to increase productivity through the development of improved organisational …

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Monique Longhurst

Monique has a genuine, energizing and approachable style, and relates to clients at a number of levels. She possesses an innate ability to empower others to discover and value their uniqueness and strengths, and to actively take charge of their future. Monique’s experience includes corporate consulting and operational HR in the areas of organisational development, …

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